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BCT Blog

A blog about all things BCT! We’ll take you behind the scenes of how we bring the magic to stage and why we think the arts are so vital to children and the community at large. Check it out!

INSIDE The Three Musketeers (Pt. 1): Tumbleweed Ideas

Ashley Woods

The Three Musketeers Director Brandon Bruce speaks to his “tumbleweed ideas” and how they led to the creation of this production. “I often tell other theatre folks that I’ve made a career off “bad ideas.” I like to call these ideas "tumbleweed ideas.” It all goes back to 2002, when I once suggested that a piece of tumbleweed roll through a stage in Picasso at the Lapin Agile (a play set in a bar in 1904 Paris). The reactions I got from my colleagues were memorable (most thought I was crazy). But one collaborator asked me “Why do you want this? What is your desired effect?” This type of questioning led us to a truly brilliant and inventive moment. Ever since then, I’ve preferred bad ideas to the “good” ones. For behind what feels like a bad idea is something magical.”

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Introducing the Magic City Theatre Festival

Ashley Woods

In recent years, BCT has been working to provide Family-focused shows in addition to our Youth-focused programming. As we approached this summer we wanted to create a collection of opportunities for audiences of all ages to experience the magic of theatre. And so the Magic City Theatre Festival was born!

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