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INSIDE The Three Musketeers (Pt. 4): Making Music

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INSIDE The Three Musketeers (Pt. 4): Making Music

Ashley Woods

by Kelly Connaughton

Working on music for The Three Musketeers and the accompanying Green show has been an awesome adventure.  At first, Brandon (Director), Theo (Sound Designer), and myself met up to discuss just what flow of direction we wanted the music to follow.   We tossed around many ideas - back and forth between period music of the time of the play, which would be the 17th Century, or going completely out of context with more modern music.  

Our answer became more and more clear as we dove into what each fight would look like throughout the play.  We landed on a more “A Knight’s Tale” approach by taking modern music, especially rock, and putting it into the world of the Musketeers.  This idea stuck so well! And it created an atmosphere of familiarity and a bit of comedy as well. Obviously, the music isn’t from the time period, but it fit too perfectly for what we wanted to portray.  

What is a tavern without a band in the corner?

What is a tavern without a band in the corner?

As a musician and an actor, it is always a task to balance the two.  While music and acting can go hand in hand, often times they can clash (dealing with an instrument, plus a costume, and always...tuning the instrument!), but for this show, the balance came with ease.  As the audience will notice, music for this show is LIVE and prerecorded. This gave us the opportunity to do more with music choices. By using LIVE performances, we were able to give a more realistic portrayal of the time period and also, show off more talent of the actors! 

Her Majesty, Queen Anne.

Her Majesty, Queen Anne.

As for the Green Show, Brandon and I discussed using contemporary music in the 17th Century time period.  The kids are singing extremely catchy and familiar tunes of today in an olden time manner.  Quite humorous! The kids have incredible talent, and by singing, dancing, juggling, etc., they get to really shine! 

I’ve played music and acted for many years, and I am glad to be apart of such an exciting and adventurous production.  

Those who come out to the show, I challenge you to try to figure out what song and artist we used for each fight/scenes! Though, I am sure most will recognize them instantly.  

Enjoy the show!! 

But wait, who is that bartender back there???

But wait, who is that bartender back there???

THE THREE MUSKETEERS runs July 12th – 29th at Brookwood Village. For more information and to get tickets, click here.

Kelly is excited to be performing with Birmingham Children’s Theatre for the first time. However, she is no stranger to the stage. Graduating from Texas State University with her BFA in Theatre and Music, Kelly has taken on numerous roles and characters ranging from a Swampy Princess to even, yes, Matt Damon. Mostly known for her years of singing and playing in her rock band across the US, Kelly is glad to be back on the theatre stage.