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Theatre in Motion

Theatre in Motion

Theatre in Motion - is the outreach division of Birmingham Children’s Theatre, one of the nation’s oldest and largest professional theatres for young audiences. 

Each year, BCT's Theatre in Motion brings the magic of theatre to thousands of children and families across Alabama and the Southeast. 

BCT's Theatre in Motion reaches upwards of 50,000 students each year in approximately 100 cities across the Southeast.  BCT travels anywhere there is an audience seeking the best in theatre for young audiences, from the largest performing arts center to the smallest school.  Each production is of the highest quality, with casts of professional adult actors, study guides for the students and teachers, stunning sets, music, and costumes. 



Call (205) 458-8181 or e-mail and bring BCT's Theatre in Motion to your town today!


  October 8th - November 16th 2018

October 8th - November 16th 2018

  February 18th - March 22nd 2019

February 18th - March 22nd 2019

Tour FAQs

How much does it cost to bring Birmingham Children’s Theatre to my community?

The cost of each performance is dependent upon the region of the country as well as which series the show belongs to, Wee Folks or MainStage.  Visit our Tour Pricing page for more information on pricing and discounts available.  For specifics on fees in your area, please contact BCT directly at (205) 458-8181 or email

What does the Birmingham Children’s Theatre provide for this fee?

Study Guide:  All BCT study guides are tailored for each pre-K through 8th grade classroom and are carefully designed to include both National Arts Standards and State Curriculum Standards outlined by the Alabama Course of Study.  These study guides can be downloaded directly from the website or emailed to you for your convenience.

Public Performances: These performances feature professional actors, stunning sets, striking costumes, music, and choreography.  The number of performances is up to you, but the fee will be based on the number of performances agreed upon by BCT and the presenter.  

How far do you travel with your productions?

We primarily tour the Southeast.  If we have a request to travel to venues located further away, we try to schedule other performances en route to these venues.  For financial reasons, we cannot always make these requests happen.  Our tour radius is primarily 60-350 miles.  If you are located outside this radius and would like BCT's Theatre in Motion to come to your town, it is best to work with other venues to make a tour to your town possible! 

How long are the shows?

Each show is approximately 45-75 minutes in length – there is no intermission. 

Who will be visiting our community?

A team of professional actors and a BCT representative.  All BCT actors are professionals with training in theatre, musical theatre, or a combination of both. 

Are the performers available for a Q&A and/or pictures after the performance?

Yes!  This will need to be scheduled with Birmingham Children's Theatre in advance. 

Where should the performances take place?

The performance space can be a stage, auditorium, cafeteria, gym floor, library, large classroom, etc.  Anywhere that can accommodate the production and your audience.

BCT provides a technical rider for each performance, as the requirements are very show-specific.  Our touring performances are designed to be performed anywhere from a library to a larger theatre.  

If there are any concerns about your performance space, please contact BCT.

What needs will the actors/crew have?

Once they have access to the facility, the actors/crew are fairly self-sufficient.  All we ask of you is to simply remain available.  If this is not possible, designate one contact person who will be available for questions about technical aspects of the venue. 

Will I need to provide any additional help for load-in/out and/or lighting or sound?

We have found that load-in/out goes much smoother and faster for everyone if the actors/crew do this themselves; they are trained to do this a very specific way.  If you would like to provide additional help to unload from the vehicle to the venue, you are welcome to, but it is not required. 

BCT Theatre in Motion provides our own sound equipment.  If you would like for us to use your sound system, let the group know when they first arrive at load-in. 

Lighting is up to you.  All we ask is for the actors to be seen. 

When should the performances take place?

The suggested performance times are in the mid-late morning or early afternoon.  However, the schedule can be adapted to fit the needs of each community.

Do you perform shows on the weekends?

Yes.  We typically set performances Monday-Friday during the day; but, depending on actor availability, we are not limited to those times.   

How do we book for next year?

Our seasons are announced early February/early March.  We begin the booking process around this time.  Requests are filled on a first come, first serve basis.  We appreciate flexibility in schedules and prompt responses for requests.

How will my child/students benefit from this experience?

Birmingham Children’s Theatre exists to educate, entertain, and enrich the lives of children through the magic of professional theatre.

Many of our performances are designed to be a first theatre experience for young audiences and incorporate lessons and morals that can be applied into their everyday lives.  Other shows focus on required reading for several grades as well as historical figures and events.  This experience makes learning fun while serving as a strong ambassador for the arts.