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Ticketing And Shows

What is your ticket office phone number? School group number?

(205) 458-8181 general public information (205) 458-8899 school groups

Where is Birmingham Children's Theatre located?

It is located at the BJCC (Birmingham-Jefferson Convention Complex) off of I-20/59 in downtown Birmingham. (The 19th Street and 11th avenue corner of the BJCC complex) BCT is directly next to the BJCC Concert Hall. Please follow the BJCC signs to the Theatre. Physical Address: 1010 19th Street North, Birmingham, AL 35203

Where do I park once we get to the theatre?

The easiest place to park is on 19th Street North in the gravel lot across the street from the theatre. There are also a few free parking spaces along 19th street, otherwise there is metered parking. If there is an event taking place in another part of the BJCC, you may have to pay $8 to park. Bus parking for school day performances is always free.

What are the ticketing hours?

Birmingham Children's Theatre hours are from 8:30am - 4:30pm Monday- Friday. If there is a Family Performance on Saturday, tickets can be purchased in the lobby, if not previously sold out. If you need additional information on a Saturday, you can call (205) 458-8181. Tickets may be purchased online through our website. TICKETS FOR WEE FOLKS SHOWS SHOULD BE PURCHASED IN ADVANCE. Due to the popularity of our Wee Folks series and the high frequency of sold out performances we encourage our patrons to purchase Wee Folks tickets in advance whenever possible.

How many theatres do you have?

Three. We have a 250-seat theatre called the Wee Folks Theatre that is specifically designed for a more intimate, interactive experience. This theatre is generally used by PreK-1st Graders. Our 950 seat Mainstage Theatre features stadium seating and a grand 70-foot proscenium stage. It accommodates 1st grade and up. The Charlotte Lane Dominick Studio Theatre seats 175 and is located in the BCT administrative offices wing of the BJCC. It is used for our Summer Series shows.

What are the times for the Family Performances?

Public Performances are as follows: Wee Folks Theatre - 10 am and 12 noon Mainstage Theatre - 2 pm School Day Performances: Wee Folks Theatre - 9:30 am and 11 am Mainstage Theatre - 10 am and 12:30 pm Please check your reservation or call for confirmation (205) 458-8899 or (205) 458-8181.

How much are single tickets for Family Performances?

Single ticket prices are as follows: Online or over the phone tickets are $11.50 and $13.50 (MainStage Christmas) for Children and $13.50 and $15.50 (MainStage Christmas) for Adults In person or at the door tickets are $9 & $11 (MainStage Christmas) for Children and $11 & $13 (MainStage Christmas) for Adults. Children under 18 months do not need a ticket. Groups of 10 or more - $9. Please call the box office at (205) 458-8181 to get this discount. Buy a BCT Membership package and enjoy the savings!

How much are season ticket packages and how many shows does that include?

Season tickets are available as part of select BCT Membership packages.

Can I see a performance on a school day?

Yes. If you would like to bring a preschooler, grandchild, or just simply have the day off with your child, come on down! Just call our ticket office before the performance day to make sure we can seat you. We are not set up to sell tickets for school day performances so we can only accept exact change or a check.

Can I purchase tickets online?

Yes. Please click here to be linked to our online box office.

How is the age appropriateness for each play determined?

BCT has a Play Selection Committee made up of experienced staff members, playwrights, and other theatre professionals. This committee selects plays that are age appropriate, material appropriate, and entertaining for our audiences.

Are your facilities handicapped accessible?

Yes. Both the Wee Folks Theatre and the Mainstage Theatre are wheelchair accessible. We also have handicap bathrooms and changing areas. Please let us know ahead of time if you are bringing a person with special needs, and we can arrange special seating for the hearing impaired, sight impaired, or wheelchair bound. Wheelchair access and handicap parking for BCT is only available on 19th street.

Can we bring a stroller into the theatre?

Birmingham Children's Theatre has special areas where we can store your strollers just outside the theatre spaces.

Is there intermission during plays?

No. We keep most of our plays right at an hour so children can sit through the entire performance without being interrupted.

When should we arrive?

The BCT Theatre lobby opens at 9 am on Family Performance Saturdays. Each theatre opens approximately 30 minutes prior to a show.


Do you teach acting lessons to children?

Yes. We have theatre camps during spring break and summer. For more information on the camps we offer, visit the Young Actors page.

Do children perform in your plays?

We only have child actors during our December MainStage show. We will hold open auditions for these parts. Please go to the Auditions page of the website to find out about casting or to add your child's name to the list if you want us to contact you when roles become available.

Will there be performances at the end of classes/workshops?

At the end of our summer camp session, students will do a showcase for parents with material they have been working on during camp. Because of the shortened hours during spring break academy, we do not have a showcase.

What happens if I need to cancel a class/workshop? Do I get my money back?

There is a non-refundable deposit with most of our camps, but yes, you can opt out if something unavoidable comes up.

My student has done a lot of theatre; can I enroll him/her in an upper level class?

All classes at Birmingham Children's Theatre are based on age/grade levels for reasons of appropriateness and material. Our instructors are experienced theatre teachers and many have degrees in theatre or dance education. They will be able to put your child in a more advanced role within their age group if necessary.


How much are school performance tickets?

School performance prices are $8. If there is a special performance, the tickets are $9.

How long are your performances?

Wee Folks: 45 minutes or less. Mainstage: 45 minutes to 1 hour 15 minutes.

Do chaperones/teachers have to pay for their tickets?

It is BCT policy to give one free chaperone ticket for every 10 students per school. Any additional chaperone and teachers are $8 or $9 for special performances.

Who do I call to schedule a school performance?

Please call BCT as early as possible to schedule a school performance or tour. BCT's shows are in great demand and we want to help your school get the best performance date possible. Please contact Teresa Shepperd, BCT's school group manager. She can be reached at (205) 458-8899.

Do you have home-school days?

Yes. One day from each show is designated as home-school day so different groups can come together. Teresa Shepperd coordinates home-school days (205) 458-8899.

Do you have sign language interpreters?

Yes. One day from each show is designated as sign language interpreter day. Please check with the BCT box office at (205) 458-8899 as to the dates and times for this service.


Does BCT rent out costumes?

Birmingham Children’s Theatre is dedicated to the full theatrical experience, which includes our tech and design work. Over 80% of our costumes are handmade in house. This assures for quality and fit of each garment for our actors. While we do rent some of these pieces to other theatres, BCT does not have open rentals to individuals for Halloween, Parties, Pageants, etc. If you are from a Theatre, Production Company, or Non-Profit Organization, and would like to rent costumes from BCT, please view the following guidelines. All costume rentals are through our Costume Shop Manager. Rentals are on hold from May 31st to August 25th every year. At this time, BCT does not rent the following items: Shoes, Hats, Gloves, Undergarments, Corsets, Slips, Socks, Wigs, Hair Pieces. Period specific garments and specialty masks are rented at the discretion of the Costume Shop Manager. This includes our Christmas Carol stock. Appointments must be made in advance to view our costume storage. At certain times of the year, due to the busy nature of our production schedule, it may not be possible for the Costume Shop Manager to pull specific items for you. If an appointment is missed or more than 30 minutes late, it may not be possible to schedule a second appointment. BCT has produced many classic plays throughout its history, and usually with a special BCT twist to the story. Generally, there are no Disney costumes available, as Disney holds the rights to their own designs. BCT holds and maintains the rights to their own costumes. BCT does charge for rentals, and all costumes must be cleaned before being returned. We ask for a deposit check to be left when items are picked up. This ensures we will be reimbursed for any lost or damaged garments. The deposit check will be returned when the costumes are. For specific rental costs, please contact the Costume Shop Manager by calling (205) 458 - 8198 or emailing